Lynne and Heather embark on the Eat to Live diet developed by Dr. Joel Furhman. The adventure begins with an initial 6 week diet to re-energise and detox the body. Follow us as we discard our favourite high calorie/low nutrient foods for a nutritional, disease-free diet!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Can a happy herbivore and a cheerful carnivore, live together in harmony?

Attitude is key! A positive attitude is the breeding ground for success and miracles.
Making a major lifestyle change, can be as hard as you make it. If you go into it, thinking: "This is going to be impossibly hard! I don't think I can do it..." It will be hard! If the only thing you can see, are the obstacles and all the reasons why it can't possibly work for you, failure has been set in motion before you've even begun! On the other hand, maintaining a positive attitude, expecting good results and success...seeing this lifestyle change as a new adventure, learning and growing...keeps you joyful and strong! You will even find yourself having fun with it!
When I chose to dump my toxic American diet, and replace it with health-promoting plants, I did it with a positive and expectant attitude. I did it, enthusiastically!
My number one obstacle and difficulty? Making this major  change while my refrigerator, freezer and pantry remained stuffed with: eggs, cheese, milk/butter, lunchmeat, chicken, sausage, hamburger patties, olive oil, processed foods, etc!!! You see, I couldn't make a "clean sweep" in my kitchen, and discard all those food items because of my beloved husband...and his carnivorous ways. (hahaaa) He loves meat - grilled, fried, roasted..with gravy, etc.
I had to go into this, with all that cheese in the fridge...staring me in the face and calling my name!..and not touch it!? This drove me nuts, the first few weeks! I buried it (in the crisper, under the lunchmeat). Out of sight, out of mind, right? It's voice got fainter and fainter, while I reached for the hummus, instead. When he threw burgers, chicken or sausage on the grill, we shared a few beers and I had tortillas filled with rice, spinach, black beans and salsa. Before long, he was asking for a taste..and, he liked it! A few days ago, we shared a lovely meal of whole-grain spaghetti, with tomato sauce and a meat.
I believe there are two keys to living harmoniously, with two separate eating lifestyles : tolerance and respect. We each respect the other's right to choose, we are each free to make our own choices. We do not feel the need to pick, nag or force our personal choice, on the other. I am blessed to have a loving husband who supports and respects my decision to make changes, in any area of my life.
Live, and let live. Kindness, respect and tolerance, promote peace and harmony.
So -
the answer to that question?
Can a happy herbivore and a cheerful carnivore live together in harmony?
A resounding, YES!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

One month milestone

Another milestone four years ago. Moving to a different country, meeting new friends, climbing an extinct volcano.

It's official - I've stayed on a diet for a month. I've never committed to dieting for that long ever. In fact, back in university, I went on the cabbage soup diet for a record total of two days. I was always the type of person who would have no problem going to the gym but tell me to give up my food? Mon dieu! Never!

Well the good news is this diet is not a starvation diet or a counting calories/portions diet. No it's just a eat-as-much-healthy-food-as-you-can-stomach diet. There are restrictions, yes. No oil, salt, sugar, meat or diary but I choose to see it for the possibilities rather than the restrictions. I can eat whatever fresh, juicy, flavourful fruits and veg that I can get my hands on! The possibilities are endless and it's so exciting to try new concoctions. Much better than pasta with pesto and veg, spaghetti carbonara or mac and cheese. And better yet, I feel full and not bloated.

I have read from other plant-based followers that they felt more energetic, lost weight and that they wouldn't go back to the diet that they had before. However, I was skeptical. Would they really not want to eat a big slice of pizza or some ice cream? I can now push those skeptic thoughts away.

I'm also seeing results. Within the first two weeks I had lost 10 pounds! I noticed that but no one else had at this point. Now with a month into the diet, my friends and colleagues have all noticed. My arms, waist and legs are all more defined. I'm not sure how much more I've lost. I weighed myself at the gym over the weekend but I'm not sure I believe it. So until I find a much better scale I won't be posting inaccurate readings.

Now that I've been doing this diet on top of exercising, I'm starting to see definition. Before, I would go to the gym 3-5 times a week. I noticed small differences within a month but muscle definition was still hiding under layers of fat as kept feeding the fat with pizzas and curries. Now I'm feeding my body rather than my fat. Now I'm seeing the results of going to the gym and following a healthy diet. I was even doing yoga on Monday and was shocked when I noticed my bicep muscle - I almost fell out of warrior pose.

I feel re-energised. I should be even more tired as it's getting darker outside and work has been excellerating as I prepare for three large events this weekend. Instead, I'm energetic. I go to the gym, meet with friends, go to yoga, attend sewing and jewellery making classes, blog, make travel plans and still want to do more! I plan on continuing this diet indefinitely. Sure it's hard sometimes to choose an herbal tea over a chai latte and a cinnamon bun but it feels better. Whenever I do go off my diet for a wee cheeky cocktail or dinner with friends, I find I'm less likely to enjoy it than I used to. The flavours aren't as great as I once imagined and I look forward to going back to my plant-based diet during my next meal. That said I never regret a nice cocktail or glass of wine with friends. It's always worth it ;)

Next week will be a struggle to continue the diet (especially when I'm in Paris for a couple of days) but I plan on making the best choices as possible as well as indulging in some macaroons and pain au chocolats. When in Paris... Will post some healthy(ish) Parisian treats in the upcoming weeks. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy rest of the week. À bientôt x h

Midweek lunch:
Two chopped heads of romaine lettuce
Fresh green beans
Dijon mustard drizzled on top for flavour

Midweek yummy breakfast
chopped banana, cashew butter wrapped in a lettuce leaf. One banana makes two servings.